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The birth of the Blomberg brand dates back to 1883 when the company, founded by Bernhard Blomberg, started operating in the metallurgical industry. Gradually, the company left the metallyrgy business, established a distrubution channel for home appliances in 1935, and in 1949 with a visionary decision, started producing washing machines.

For the next half centry Blomberg specialized and excelled in the production of washing machines. The brand name became synonymous with laundry for German consumers. As it grew,the companydecided to expand its product range and employ its expertise to kitchen appliances as well.  Today Blomberg offers a full range of household appliances to its customers worldwide, introducing functional solutions with state- of-the- art desigins.

In 1979 Blomberg produced the first washing machine with outer balance control in Germany. In 1981 it manufactured the first fully automatic washing machine. Frerom its foundation in 1883 to its rebirth in 2004 with a new product range and international re- launch, Blomberg has been committed to progress, growth and novelty. The search for new intelligent solutions to make home life easier has always been the ultimate motivation of Blomberg engineers and designers. That is why Blomberg products have been and continue to be an embodiment of authenticity and universality representing the signature elements of the brand.

1883- founded as a metalworking company by Bernhard Blomberg

1935- established a distribution channel for home appliances

1949- started production of washing machines

1979- produced the first washing machine with outer balance control in Germany

1981- manufactured the first fully automatic washing machine

1985- launched the first washing machine using less than 100 lt of water

1994- invented the patented system for water circulation without pump

1999- developed the aquaround system

2004- re-launched the new full range product line internationally

Today, Blomberg is recognised as a German quality brand and a reliable partner for the end user and retail partners. Blomberg offer customers around the world a full range of household appliances and hot water equipment. In 2006 Blomberg products were introduced to the American market for the first time. Their American product range currently consists of our new line of dishwashers, but expand to include the whole range in the future. The technology of our appliances is built to such a high level and so well thought out that it makes it simple and uncomplicated for the customer to handle.

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